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SiriMoto N1 Exhaust Tip Heat Shield for Honda Civic

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Honda Civic - 2013 to 2015 - 4 Door Sedan [Si]
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Kit Includes: 1x Heat Shield, 6x Rivets, 6x Washers, 6" Length of Heat Reflective Tape.
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2013 to 2015
4 Door Sedan [Si]


SiriMoto N1 Exhaust Tip Heat Shield Description

  • Protects the OEM Bumper/Diffuser from exhaust heat.
  • Can help cover-up warped areas of previously damaged bumpers.
  • Prevents direct heat from potentially melting the Bumper/Diffuser.
  • Diverts exhaust fumes to prevent black soot build-up.
  • Provides an aggressive, track-inspired look!
Why this SiriMoto Part?
  • High Quality Construction.
  • Simple Install.
  • Proven at the Track.
  • Derived from Competition Environments.
  • Hand Finished.
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.
What's Included?
  • Formed 321SS Heat Shield.
  • 1/8" Rivets and Washers.
  • Heat Reflective Gold Tape!
More Details
The Sirimoto N1 Exhaust Tip Heat Shield serves an important service; help prevent your performance exhaust from melting your bumper! With an upgraded exhaust, an increase in heat is sometimes inevitable. In most cases, this will be noticed when the bumper begins to melt near the exhaust tip area. The SiriMoto heat shield is made of 321 Stainless Steel and includes Gold Reflective Tape for excellent heat protection. The provided 1/8-inch steel rivets also ensure that it is permanently attached and unlikely to fall off, even on a rigorous day at the track. The SiriMoto N1 Heat Shield is perfect for those looking to maximize power with their high-flow exhaust, without the Meltman action that comes with it.

Installation Tips: Installation is simple but does require the use of basic tools. A 1/8" drill bit and drill is required to make mounting holes along with a Rivet Gun to fasten the shield to the bumper. Dry Fitting is recommended before drilling any holes to ensure proper fitment and styling. Also, applying the Gold Reflective Tape before installation of the Stainless Steel Heat Shield is recommended.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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