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SiriMoto Die Cut Vinyl Decal for Honda Prelude

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This is a Universal application. Please read all notes including the product description to determine if this part will work for you.
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Do you like the SiriMoto brand? Well, if not, you should! Pick up one of these high quality SiriMoto vinyl decals and watch the street cred roll in! These SiriMoto decals are a simple peel and stick design, making it easy to stick anywhere on your Honda Prelude. Plus, you'll pick up an easy 5 horsepower! Note: decal does not actually add power in real life.

Key Features:
  • Easy peel die cut window decal.
  • Decal is approximately 7" x 2" in size.
  • Could allow you to win races without even competing in them.
Installation Procedure: These are easy peel off style vinyl decals. Basically, all you need to do is first clean the surface where the decal is going to be put on with isopropyl alcohol and then wait a couple minutes for it to completely dry. Next, mark the position where you want the decal to go with a dry-erase marker where each corner will touch the surface. Now, slowly put on the decal from one side to the other in order to eliminate air bubbles. Lastly, use a squeegee (basically a credit card or something similar) to work out any air bubbles and make sure every part of the decal is firmly attached to the surface.