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Import SiriMoto Phase 2 Sway Bar End Links

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Imports that support SiriMoto Phase 2 Sway Bar End Links

SiriMoto Phase 2 Sway Bar End Links Description

  • Enhanced performance - Increases Sway Bar effectiveness, keeping your Import on target and stable.
  • Options - Provides you the option of adjusting the sway bar for optimal performance.
Why these SiriMoto End Links?
  • Easy install - Installation instructions available.
  • Stiffer than factory or traditional aftermarket end links that use rubber or polyurethane bushings.
  • Adjustability - Fully length adjustable allowing for optimal sway bar positioning.
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Key Features
  • Improves handling, steering response, and tire grip around corners.
  • CNC machined spacers made from stainless steel and 7075 aluminum.
  • Chromoly spherical rod ends.
  • Grade 10.9 flanged hardware.
  • Non-locking flanged nut for ease of install.
  • Mil-Spec thread locker included.
More Details
A strong (stiff) sway bar needs strong end links to ensure lateral movement is kept to a bear minimum. Also, under aggressive driving, factory end links have been known to sometimes break, depending on the exact conditions and other modifications. The Sirimoto Phase 2 End Links fill this role by providing a stronger and stiffer solution compared to factory or traditional aftermarket end links that use rubber or polyurethane bushings. Built with solid stainless steel and CNC machined 7075 aluminum, these end links can hold up to rigorous strain. A spherical rod end reduces any play or flex that could exist from a traditional bushing. The Phase 2 End Links are also fully adjustable. This allows you to better position the sway bar; this is especially true on a lowered Import. Simple and effective makes this a must for any road warrior.

Improving chassis stiffness not only provides greater feedback under racing conditions, it also helps increase the responsiveness of the steering feel. Improving both those aspects of any vehicle is something that is sought after by many weekend enthusiast and world class racers alike.

Important Product Notes: Spherical rod ends like these can be used on normally driven vehicles and often are recommended for competition use. Coating the bearing surface with a dry PTFE or graphite lubricant will help extend service life and reduce friction. Due to the nature of non-compliant performance rod ends, light clunking may be evident on poor road surfaces in large part due to the increased transfer of motion between the anti-roll bar and end link mounting point.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.